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I was laying in bed thinking So we went to look at it later that day.It was a hectic open house because good family homes in Los Feliz don’t come up very often and when they do they get swooped up by all cash offers. We immediately asked the agent if we could do pre-inspections the next day (so we could take off the inspection contigency) as we knew it was going to be competitive. There’s not necessarily a clear-cut start or finish: they overlap with past years, and also come with their own modern twist.We've seen a lot of the 80s these past couple of years (neon, Southwestern style), much of which is still with us today.They said yes which basically means that if we didn’t get the house or if we didn’t want to put in an offer after all, that we would have lost the cost of the inspections (00).We took off the appraisal contingency, too, meaning that we felt confidant that it would appraise for the price we were offering (we did).

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, Maryland is a landmark example of German Colonial Architecture.

Later Dutch style buildings became known for their elaborately shaped gables, dormers, and parapets.

Twentieth century Dutch Colonial Revival houses borrow the gambrel roof found on historic Dutch Colonial houses.

Named by Joseph Brunner after his childhood home near Mannheim, Germany, the house was completed in 1756.

Typical of German Colonial architecture, the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum has these features: A British Style Takes Root in the New World The symmetrical, orderly Georgian style became prominent in Colonial America.

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