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The Emirates, according to a recent Zawya news report, increasingly, “finds itself in a strange situation where Abu Dhabi exports gas while Dubai imports it.” The UAE has now begun to take advantage of alternative sources of energy that the arid Arabian Peninsula has to offer, namely, the sun.Although at the center of the world’s oil-exporting industry, the United Arab Emirates is quickly becoming a world leader in alternative energy and sustainable transport.

The Netherlands is home to an estimated 925,000 Muslims, which also works out to around 6% of the overall population.Bike-sharing debuts in Dubai In recent years, the popularity of bike-sharing in the world’s urban areas has skyrocketed, from Amsterdam to Beijing, to Rio de Janeiro.In 2011, Tel Aviv in Israel became the first city in the Middle East to adopt a bike-sharing system, with the launch of Tel-O-Fun, but up until this year, the Gulf countries of the Arabian Peninsula had remained all but observers in the venerable world of bike-sharing.One who is both Arab and American is very often, very confused.Her one foot is planted firmly in a traditional world whose cultural rules haven’t changed in over 2,000 years.

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