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Actually he has much more interesting ideas for Jillian and her bedposts, but his student visa's set expiration date means he can't promise her forever.

Not only did I work in an industry dominated by women but I also struggled to find guys that A. already had a girlfriend but wanted to have their cake and eat it and C. So I did what any sane person would do and re-joined dating sites, bravely signing myself up to countless dates.And with online dating apps seeming to be ever-prevailing, meeting a romantic partner in the traditional sense is becoming uncommon.Now though, there are terms to help you decipher those age old dating issues within a modern-day context (cue reading back through old texts to analyse what the subtext of that five-word text is).Lets face it the dating world is rough; you meet fuckboys (or fuckgirls) at every turn, are ‘ghosted’ by people you date and are ‘hyped’ by people who use you to find the one.I have been in the dating game long enough to witness the evolution of dating trends and the difference between when I first started dating and now is quite incredible.

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