Consolidating districts in nd

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Oversight and direction is given by our Board of Supervisors, who establishes policies and directs those employed by the SCD. It means the protection and wise use of our natural resources.Human actions influence the supplies of our natural resources – soil, water, grasslands, forests, minerals, and wildlife.School consolidation continues to be a topic of great concern for many small rural school and districts.While advocates for consolidation commonly cite fiscal imperatives based upon economies of scale, opponents have responded with evidence undermining this argument and pointing out the prominent position of the rural school in the economic and social development of community.Johnson said the election will go forward as scheduled.

Grand Forks County Soil Conservation District (SCD) is a consolidation of two SCDs which merged in 2006.

“It’s hard to speculate on the impact when you take that mass of land out of the school district,” she said.

The petition was submitted to Johnson by Lee and Julie Brandvold on December 7th, just over a month before the special election scheduled for January 9, 2012, in the Lewis & Clark School District regarding a million bond issue for proposed renovations and additions at Berthold Public School.

Conservation means managing the resources so they may be used wisely by the greatest number of people over the longest period of time.

Conservation and enhancement of these resources is the basis for long-term profitability.

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