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Sex researcher Debra W Soh says, ‘People will often ask me whether hypersexuality is truly a disorder, and in the field, even medical professionals are not fully in agreement as to whether it is and what it consists of’.It’s little wonder then that for people who do have it, the intense shame and distress that surrounds the disorder can be heightened when they ‘come out’.While the condition itself is unusual – a recent German study revealed that only 3% of women were hypersexual – the disorder interferes with both your personal and work life and lasts well over six months.So it’s not to be confused with having a high sexual appetite, sexual activity or sleeping with multiple people.According to medical guidelines, ADHD affects five percent of school-aged children and the male to female ratio in diagnosed ADHD prevalence is at least four to one. School-aged children grow up and turn into adults, and while they sometimes ease, symptoms don't suddenly disappear.Jamie Tambor, 23, (left) is a healthcare worker, diagnosed with the condition at six.

There are no support groups for people who are impulsive.For people like me, who have so many amazing attributes, yet struggle tremendously.My addictions did come along with my ADHD, and I wish there were people to talk to, other than my therapist. Hashem made me this way, and I have to channel my energy and impulses to better things, but no one sees ADHD and addicts like that." ________________ A woman wrote: "I just wanted to update you that my husband was just diagnosed with ADHD, which seems to be at the root of his addiction.So after about 3 years of living a double life, I went to a top Dr, and he diagnosed me with ADHD.I am now trying out different medications to help me deal with my impulsive nature and my hyperness and my energy.

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