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I usually stalk these forums and never make a post.

But today I have a general question and would like some feedback. I have just been offered a job at the Australian College in Kuwait (ACK).

of Nusantara Islam Manuscripts is a database that provides various informations related to Nusantara Islam manuscripts.Karlstad has enjoyed the reputation of being a friendly and hospitable city for a long time.With the proverbial sun and an expanding and innovative university, Karlstad now ranks as one of the best student cities in Sweden.The database covers a wide range of Nusantara Islam manuscripts-based research—using philological approach or other approaches; conducting by foreign scholars or native scholars.As the center of Nusantara Islam manuscripts, the database not only records the title, author, copyist, language, and literacy texts, but also provides a number of manuscript collections and catalogues including lists, and various publications relating to manuscript which is used as the primary resource of research.

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