Is vicki from rhoc still dating brooks

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The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Brooks Ayers opened up in a recent interview about his current relationship with ex Vicki Gunvalson and revealed why the two barely speak anymore.“I’ve moved on and am very happy,” Ayers told Real on Tuesday, June 29. I have no desire to be involved with her or her family. “All of the claims against me have been dropped yet my counterclaims against the plaintiff still remain.” As previously reported, Ayers and Gunvalson, 54, attempted to launch a vodka line together three years ago.

Once and for all, we are done as a couple.” While the once-in-love pair still do communicate every now and then, Ayers told the site that their exchanges are simply business related, not romantic or even friendly.“I’m only talking to Vicki because of the Vodka lawsuit from 2013,” the Mississippi native explained.

Brooks Ayers cleared up rumors that he lied about his cancer diagnosis once and for all in a statement to Us Weekly on Thursday, March 24.

The businessman, who split from the Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson last August, admitted that he did in fact fabricate medical documents last year and the move was "absolutely wrong." He did so, however, because he was tired of being scrutinized by Gunvalson's costars and the public.

He later admitted that he fabricated medical documents, a revelation that caused Gunvalson to call it quits. On Tuesday, Ayers told Real that he would never entertain the thought of reigniting his romance with Gunvalson: “Not a chance!

I’ve removed all drama in my life since I last saw her in August 2015.” For her part, Gunvalson is focused on her new beau, Steve Lodge.

Second, Vicki never has paid me to be quiet regarding this 'supposed' scam nor has paid me to release any statements," he claimed.

So to get a call to ask if I would interview her, at Vicki's request, was surprising to say the least. To this day, Brooks contends he didn't make up his illness to get more screen time on . Our investigation led to him admitting he had falsified hospital documents, and questions about whether he ever had cancer at all still linger."I think it's a matter of time before they get back together.”As RHOC fans will recall, Ayers was accused of lying about having cancer, as documented on the hit Bravo show.Gunvalson stood by his side for months, which caused a huge rift between herself and Judge, among other castmates (who thought Ayers was lying).

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