Jon gosselin dating octomom

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Just in case you missed it here is some footage of the “Octomom Special” that was released.

"I think every mom feels that way." PHOTOS: Gosselins' Drama-Filled Family Scrapbook While she is bearing the heavy load of being a single parent, Kate said she isn't actively looking for a partner.

A magazine report had suggested that Gosselin and Suleman, dubbed "Octomom" by the press, were going to "try to fall in love" on the untitled programme.

Octomom Nadya Suleman has the hots for stray-at-home dad Jon Gosselin.

In this video he strikes at the camera, tosses things, cusses at his mother and steps or tries to step on the babies. Here's a few: – make a special time for just him and you, no babies.

While I won't touch on having 8 children because I only have four, I do think maybe we could give a bit of advice on how to help Nadya with this little one. – allow him to gently love on the babies, one at a time and get him to bond.

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