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Mark Zuckerberg may not be too pleased with his logo being messed about with in the film's poster – it seems to be the "Zuckerberg , and the sheer, black gown she wore on the Cannes red carpet earlier this year made her Hollywood royalty, if only for 15 minutes.Yaar, “uske naam mein bhi maal hai,” says Vishal while trying to coax Rahul to meet hottie Malvika. Ah well, as relationship statuses often are on Facebook, “It’s complicated”. Vishal is the campus wise guy, good-looking, smart talking, sociable and smooth.Without Malvika’s knowledge, Preity – who has a crush on Rahul – accepts the friend request, and the two start chatting regularly online. Cute guy Vishal pretending to be hot guy Rahul is chatting with smart girl Preity because she is pretending to be hot girl Malvika!Or rather, it’s complicated for them but not confusing for us. There are films releasing every weekend of the month, but it looks like a clean sweep for — the big Diwali film of 2011 — as it takes on no one around its release on 26 October.There is palpable discontent when it comes to Kangna amid the actors and the producers of the film, but the audience doesn’t care about behind the scene dramas.

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And if it does, they will be laughing all the way to the bank.– the second venture from Yashraj Films’ new banner Y Films – is a love story set against the backdrop of FB. Preity is the girl he loves to hate because she’s smart, confident, hard-working, aloof, attractive but uncaring about her style.When Vishal is not in class or Facebooking-ing, he hangs out with friends, parties and writes lyrics for the soppy songs that Rahul sings as the lead artiste of a popular local band.Send a Proper DMCA Notice from our contact us page.starts off on the wrong foot in the way it introduces its lead character, Vishal (Saqib Saleem), the beloved class clown at his college.

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