Who is ava gardner dating

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Then ­Sinatra’s friend Peter Lawford brought her to one of his parties.

He met her again and danced with her in a nightclub when he was with Lana, and she — at 23, divorced from both Rooney and her second husband, the band leader Artie Shaw — was with the ­billionaire tycoon Howard Hughes.

, my favorite story from the book is fairly chaste, revealing nothing about Mickey Rooney’s libido or Frank Sinatra’s penis. “I stopped auditioning a long time ago, honey.” Desperate to live up to her image as “the world’s most beautiful animal,” Gardner called in her favorite cinematographer Jack Cardiff, who rearranged the lamps in her living room, placed a key light above her chair, and placed a shadow over the half of her face that had been frozen by a recent stroke. Evans never digs deeply into Gardner’s stunning career, nor into her relationships with other women.

The story involves an aged Gardner meeting Dick Snyder, the CEO of Simon & Schuster, the publishing company planning on publishing her memoirs. The story reveals the crafty ambition and aching vulnerability behind Gardner’s tell-it-like-it-is persona. When Ava asks Evans about his thoughts on The Barefoot Contessa, he responds, “It’s flawed but it’s still an interesting picture.

So he was content just to stare at those dazzlingly high cheekbones and haughty green eyes.

Though she was smokingly sexy, she was just a kid, Sinatra thought at the time, too young for him.

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They are cruder.”) Insisting on having a straight man ghost her memoirs may have been Gardner’s mistake here.In an exclusive from the book that wasn’t published in either of their lifetimes, Gardner spills the seduction-to-split secrets of her three marriages Right, Ava Gardner with Frank Sinatra, at the Hollywood premiere of Show Boat, 1951. But this was Only a fool would say he wasn’t interested.“I’m told we’d get along fine, but who the hell knows? She was a Brazilian dancer, a hot little number while she lasted. With permission from Gardner’s estate, Evans decided to publish their interviews. (“I was the star in the ascendancy and he was on his ass.”) Left, Ava two years later., Photographs: left, © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis; right, by Murray Garrett/Getty Images In the first week of January 1988, Ava Gardner asked me to ghost her memoirs. I don’t want to upset Frank.” There was a small silence, then a brief husky laugh.“Fuck Frank,” she said with a faint southern drawl. Mickey was playing her, complete with false eyelashes, false boobs, his mouth smothered with lipstick.“It was my first day in Hollywood. Sinatra knew it was true love on their first date, when they went for a late-night drunken drive from Palm Springs to Indio and “shot out streetlights and store windows” with a pair of .38s the Chairman kept in his glove compartment.While seeing Sinatra, Gardner also had an affair with the married Robert Mitchum. When she told Mitchum that she was also seeing Sinatra, he ended things.

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